When do we see you on social media?

Thank you for asking that, thinking ki abhi bhi hope hai. (Giggles). I know I haven’t yet forayed into that space. But I think, yeah, the time has come for me to join social media because it’s very much the calling. Everyone has been asking me so vehemently and so sweetly, year after year. Thank you for your enthusiasm, I will surely consider the suggestion. (Smiles)

Have you signed your next film ?

No, I took a break for the past five months because of personal reasons. I’m glad I did. It meant a lot for me, personally, so I didn’t have any professional meetings. I started last week and I liked two subjects already. So, as and when, we feel the need or when the time is right, we will share the news with you. But I just started listening to scripts now. Until then, I had taken time off from work for my family, especially my mother.